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  • Personal Business [Justin Wright]
    What do I mean by personal business? Glad you asked! This site for me is all about personal business. I'm including my personal life/personality and my business i.e. skills and services I offer. I know you have heard the saying. "Never mix business with pleasure".
  • JusthePerson Blog [Justin Wright]
    Hi! My name is Justin. I decided to keep a blog with all the services/skills I have. I figure it would help if people that were interested in my work knew a little more about me. I live in Los Angeles, CA in a little spot named Silver Lake. If you are from here
  • Schools: A Fictitious American Drea [Blog Templates]
    Prediction: Replacing schools with digital online classes. I'm breaking down lessons High School taught me 6 years ago and I'm realizing I don't have to attend a big, fancy, prestigious University to accomplish the American Dream. I believe Universities and all t
  • Unimpressive IPhone 7 [Blog Templates]
    Maybe the First Year I don't get the New IPhone. What's new? 1. Water Resistance & Dust Resistance Samsung has been doing this for a while now. Pick up the pace IPhone 7! 2. The Whole Wireless Headphone Bit I actually like how Phil explained this to the w
  • Labor Day Weekend [Blog Templates]
    At the moment we are all celebrating Labor Day and to be honest this is the first time I have had a chance to enjoy the weekend in years. Labor Day Weekend is all about taking it easy and getting an extra day off from your weekday job.  Maybe you and your family g